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Full powerful restaurant managment software

ePOS Restaurant offers a wide range of options that can meet the demanding needs of the hospitality industry. Our POS software enables restaurateurs to improve the profitability of their business through faster and more accurate order processing,

Sale Management System

User-friendly interface and easy to use to increase your cashier productivity. You can create multiple cash registers to separate cashier revenue.

Menu Management

ePOS Restaurant can fully customize the menu by adding images, description, portion price, item with modifiers etc. to make the user experience rewarding.

Billing Management

Billing management module makes it easy to split, combine. Customers are also provided with the freedom to settle the bill using cash, debit/credit card.

Table Management

Staffs can easily manage multiple tables with different outlet. Tables can be combined, split, reserved, or changed as per the customer's request.

Shift Management

Shift management module makes it easy to manage and keep track of the shifts assigned to your employees and their work performance.

Customer Managment

ePOS restaurant offers a built-in restaurant CRM system, which allows you to collect information about your customers from a variety of sources.

Item Modifier

Diners can customize an item with modifiers to meet their individual taste. Customers can also add their specific preference like extra spicy, less oily.

Kitchen printer

When user submit an order, it will send each dish immediately to the kitchen or bar where it is prepared and to print out a receipt automatically.

Customizable receipt format

Official receipt, invoice or other printed documents are fully customizable to fit your business need and you can print or export to various file format.

Multiple network user

Separate cashier sale register in real time by using multi-user mode. You can have everyone's computers connected within the same network.

User permission and rights

Restrict who has access to see or modify what. ePOS Restaurant allows you to create different login user group rules, each with a different set of access rights.

Reporting Services

Lot of useful predefines reports and can export data in the industry-standard excel, pdf, csv, word and more formats. You can also customize report to fit your need.

Membership Management

We have two kinds of Membership type, Point Saving Membership and Discount Membership to help restaurant owner gain revenue from returned customers.

Realtime Notification

Realtime notify cashiers' activities to manager or owner mobile phone through telegram bot. Owner can get daily revenue report as soon as business end.

Complete ePOS Restaurant Hardware Provider

eSoftix provides complete hardware solution for POS station with affordable price such as Touch Screen Computer, Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer, Roll Paper, Barcode Scanner etc.

About Us

eSoftix is a multi-information technology solution provider in Cambodia , officially founded in March 2013 by a group of visionary Cambodian IT Students with a long track of working together successfully as a team.

Each of our co-founder has a strong history and successful experiences within the IT industrial for more than 10 years. We specialize in comprehensive solution for the industries of hospitality, restaurant, company, NGOs, retail sale, trading and custom database design and development.

What we do

Software Solution

eSoftix provide software solution from personal to enterprise such as POS Software, Hotel Management System, Accounting and more.

Website Design

Need unique and clean design is our core value. We provide dynamic and responsive website with affordable price to boost your business online.

Computer Networking

Networking is part of your business growth. We are specialize in networking technology from basic to server installation and configuration.

Camera Security (CCTV)

Need personal security assistant for your business? CCTV is the best choice and you can remotely view it on mobile phone or tablet anywhere.

IT Maintenances

Computer problem or virus attack your document! Let us take care your computer and other technology issue while you focus on your valuable task.

Software Development

We provide custom software development to fit exact what you need. Just provide us your business workflow, we do everything for your.

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Adress: Street #27, Watbo Village, Salakomroek Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Tel: +(855)63 763 453, +(855)92 533 343, +(855)98 681 168, +(855)98 490 000


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